What is Opus Cineris

Opus Cineris is the name that summarizes the combined works of Dutch-based artist, goldsmith and nib specialist Anabelle Sophie Hiller. This website will serve as an introduction into her specialised fields, current projects, portfolio, and blog. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!


Nib Specialist

Don't ask what a nib can do for you, ask what you…


The Fountain Pen Companion. The easiest way to track and share your inks.

Hey guys! I made a little video introducing you to the FPC website, which allows you to track your inks, your currently inked pens and facilitates sharing of ink samples as a service to the fountain pen community.   

Music & Miles Changing Minds: Living Proof – Talk by Anabelle Hiller

I know I have been sitting on this footage for far too long. Maybe because it is one thing to talk in front of an audience telling your story once, and a whole different thing to make said talk public […]

Living Proof in New York, 2018

As some of you might have seen on my social media outlets, I’ve recently been in the outrageously fortunate position to fly to NY to partake in a fundraiser which was held in memory of one of my best friends, […]

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