Anabelle Sophie Hiller, the person behind Opus Cineris, is a european harpist, goldsmith and nib specialist currently based in the Netherlands.

Anabelle was born in a small town close to Heidelberg, Germany. When she was 3 years old her family moved to Vienna, Austria, where she was exposed to music from an early age. Having started piano lessons at the age of 7 and harp lessons at 10, she was accepted at the Prayner Conservatory of Music and Dramatic Arts in Vienna at the age of 12. Whilst following the courses of her bachelor programme, Anabelle attended the Musikgymnasium Wien – a school for young musicians who wish to finish school and pass their final exams while attending or preparing for music universities. It was during her last few years at the school that Anabelle sought to broaden her horizon beyond what Austria had to offer. It led her to spend an extended period of time in the UK. The relationships she built during these months abroad allowed her to gain perspective on her goals and values as an artist and as a person.

In 2013 the aspiring harpist moved to Amsterdam and to attend the Conservatorium van Amsterdam to study with renown harp teacher Erika Waardenburg. While she didn’t finish her degree there due to illness, Anabelle decided to stay in the Netherlands regardless and be active as an interdisciplinary artist, mainly focussing on goldsmithing, design and fountain pen nib work. In March of 2018 Anabelle took on her position as nib specialist for Appleboom Pennen, while continuing her study to become a goldsmith and pen maker.

In 2020, she graduated from the vocational school for gold- and silversmithing in Schoonhoven achieving the highest marks in applied techniques and design for her masterpiece: the Symphony Fountain Pen. Since then she has continued her work growing her reputation as the in-house nib specialist at Appelboom, as well as at international pen shows all around the world.

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