Nib Specialist

Don’t ask what a nib can do for you, ask what you can do for a nib!

Having used fountain pens for as long as I could write, I’ve always had a fascination for how exactly a nib would carry ink, and more importantly, ideas onto the paper. By now I know it’s all just a nifty combination of physics, like capillary action and a good mind, and yet, here I am still fiddling, tuning and watching, attentively.

However, it wasn’t until my 18th birthday, when I was gifted a vintage Montblanc Meisterstück with a bizarre nib made of glass that I felt pulled towards and into the rabbit hole that is the world of vintage and modern pens and its associated community.

Having done active freelance work as nib doctor at various fountain pen events and pen shows in the Netherlands and Belgium I am pleased to have recently taken on the position as nib specialist at Appelboom Pennen in Laren, NL.

As an enthusiastic member of the dutch fountain pen community I still regularly attend meetings of a. o. the dutch fountain pen group on facebook, and am happy to help anyone in need of any nib care.

Find a quick overview of my services and estimated prices below.

Service   Price*
Smoothen Polish tipping € 10,00
  Adjust tines € 5,00
  Add feedback ( fix “baby’s bottom”) € 12,00
Ink flow Increase ink flow € 10,00
  Decrease ink flow € 10,00
  € 15,00
Straightening Body tbd
  Tines tbd
Grinding Kugel, Cursive Italic, Architect Grinds, etc. starting at €30
* Prices may vary depending on the severity of the issue.