Tine Adjustment

Let me tell you about tine alignment and why it matters. 



Amonst other things, the alignment of the fountain pen tines is what will give us a sensation of smooth, scratchy or feedback-y writing. Should tines of a fountain pen nib be misaligned, as shown in the image above, it will affect how smooth of a writer our pen will be.

This is always an issue that should be resolved before anthing else, as attempting to polish a misaligned nib might do more damage than good.

Different nib materials will behave differently when adjusting the tines. Gold and palladium, for instance, while rather flexible, are more stubborn when it comes to bending them into the position you want them to be. Titanium nibs are easier to bend, and therefore easier to get sprung. Steel, while usually stirdier, will behave somewhere inbetween titanium and gold and are therefore often considered easier to tune. Every material therefore has its pros and cons, but all nibs should be treated with care and attention!