Music & Miles Changing Minds: Living Proof – Talk by Anabelle Hiller

I know I have been sitting on this footage for far too long. Maybe because it is one thing to talk in front of an audience telling your story once, and a whole different thing to make said talk public on the internet for anyone to see, without the context of what the event was about or the safe space I was given at the time. After all, once it’s out there it is never really gone.

But then again, that exactly was the point of it. No matter how terrifying it might be to make yourself vulnerable, it is the brave thing to do, because we are so much stronger than our own minds would often have us believe. And the thruth is, these things aren’t talked about often enough. Even until now I haven’t directly addressed the issue head-on calling it what it is. 

Hello. My name is Anabelle and I suffer from bipolar II disorder. Back in march I was given the opportunity to talk openly and publicly about my mental illness, the path it has led me on and how a diagnosis, however challenging it might be, is not necessarily a life sentence. 

So please, if you know anyone who might be struggling, or anyone who might find any comfort in these words, please share this video with them. Let them know there are resources available, and let them know you care. It would mean a lot to me.



The event was a fundraiser, which was held in Memory of one of my best friends, Miles Applebaum, at the new Chappaqua Performing Arts Center in NY on March 10, 2018. Living Proof was a multimedia performance of healing and hope in the face of adversity. For more information about the cause visit